Mixed gemstone and pearls 18kt yellow gold lariat necklace

With its colourful mix of gemstones and pearls, this sophisticated lariat necklace features an eye-catching diamond clasp. The 18kt yellow gold beads are hand-engraved using an ancient Florentine technique which gives our gold a fine, brushed texture.



Length: 43 cm
Yellow gold
Diamonds total carat weight: 0,1
Perle freshwater bianche, rosa e viola 6,5 - 8,5 mm
Round mix of amethyst, peridot, yellow gold quartz, london topaz, pink tourmaline, faceted 4 - 6 mm



Inspired by distant lands, the AFRICA collection evokes desert landscapes and magical starry nights. The 18-carat yellow gold spheres that characterise this collection are finely engraved by hand with thin grooves using the ancient Florentine “millerighe” burin technique, creating a fine, brushed texture. The coloured designs see spheres with the characteristic irregular surface alternated with colourful gems of rare beauty, such as amethyst, peridot, yellow quartz, red garnet, tourmaline, London topaz and freshwater pearls. Intense shades create exquisite, sophisticated colour combinations.


Coloured gemstones

The stones are chosen and combined for intensity and purity, enhancing each other in an endless interplay of contrasts, interspersed with small, hand-engraved gold elements for a result that is endlessly unique and suitable for every outfit and occasion.

The brand aims to enhance the extraordinary beauty of natural stones, accentuating every shade of colour and highlighting their colour and clarity in every facet of the cut.