Hands and materials

The uniqueness of Marco Bicego’s jewels is also dictated by the master craftsmen’s hands who design the ancient techniques revisited in a modern way by hand. The diamonds and natural gems that cohabit with the 18 carat gold in his works of art are living materials. Marco looks for them in his trips, chooses them and gives them shape. They enclose the imperfections of nature and its chameleon-like beauty and for this reason they are versatile and timeless jewels.

The origin

The 18 carat gold comes from the banks. The natural gems come from several countries, but they are all cut in Jaipur.

The diamonds are from certified sources from the Kimberly Process and in accordance with the United Nations, in other words, conflict free.

The bulino

An ancient tool used by goldsmith masters to engrave gold by hand. This craftsmanship is what characterizes and has given notoriety to Marco Bicego’s jewels.

The coil

Marco Bicego’s exclusive coil is a distinctive element of some of his collections. It was created by chance. A machine broke down and as a result it created a golden spiral. The craftsman was about to melt it but Marco seized the idea.

Natural gems

All in different colours, they enclose a prism rich of personalities and are placed so as to create unique combinations. The amethyst, topaz, tourmaline, quartz and aquamarine meet craftsmanship and technology. It is the laser welding that refines the golden frame that embraces the gems.