MARCO BICEGO has always considered your data privacy to be of key importance and is committed to ensuring that the processing of your personal data respects the fundamental rights, freedoms and dignity of the data subject, particularly in relation to the confidentiality, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data.

Therefore MARCO BICEGO has adopted and put in place a Privacy Policy for all matters involving procedures for managing data processing operations for your personal data.

Following the entry into force of EU Regulation 2016/679 (the new European Regulation on personal data protection), we have updated our privacy policy so as to provide you with all relevant information on how and why MARCO BICEGO gathers, records and uses information concerning you and your choices as to how this information should be collected and utilised.

Please have a look at this privacy policy and carefully review it from time to time in order to check any updates or revisions which may prove necessary.

For more details on how your personal data are processed please contact Marco Bicego SPA, the Data Controller, Via dell'Industria 33, 36070 Trissino (VI) – Italy - email address:


MARCO BICEGO collects the following categories of personal data concerning you:

§ Contact details  - information on the ID, name, place and date of birth, Tax Code, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address.

§ Interests - information you provide on your interests, including products that interest you.

§ Other personal data - information you provide on your date of birth, education or professional situation.

§ Use of the web site - information on how you use the site, open or transmit our communications, including information collected using cookies (the details of our Cookie Policy may be found here).

§ Personal data collected by third parties - e.g. data you wish to share with us on social networks accessible to the public.

What your personal data may be used for 

a) Your data may be processed for marketing and advertising communications purposes to inform you about sales promotion initiatives, using automated (e-mail) and traditional (e.g. personal telephone calls) contact means, or for market research and statistical surveys, if you duly consent.

b) MARCO BICEGO may also process data pertaining to your contact details, interests and other personal data that you wish to provide us with, so that we can then send you commercial communications that accord with your preferences, based on a specific customer profile, if you duly consent.

c) By freely and voluntarily consenting in advance to the profiling of your personal data, you permit activities to take place such as the analysis of your consumption patterns and choices, facilitated mainly by processing data which you provide when browsing the MARCO BICEGO website.

The data aforementioned may be processed using the methods described in the subsection "newsletter” below.

If you do not consent to such operations, this will not affect any contractual relationship with you.

Your consent may be revoked at any time.


In the context of the purposes described above, you can subscribe to the MARCO BICEGO Newsletter from this website by entering your email address (click here). Entering your email address is optional and voluntary.

The addresses we receive are entered on the newsletter tool database created on the MAILCHIMP platform. You can consult the policy and procedures by which MAILCHIMP protects your data at this link. (click here).

The database created on MAILCHIMP is not sold, assigned or shown to any person. It is sometimes exported in formats which the application allows for internal consultations.

You may revoke your consent to registration at any time.


MARCO BICEGO uses a "cookie" technology to make its website easier and more intuitive to use. Cookies are small text files sent from the website to the data subject’s terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored before being retransmitted to the website when the same user next visits that website. By showing us how our users browse on the website, cookies give us information about the preferences and also enable us to streamline the browsing experience. MARCO BICEGO uses different types of cookies. For more information on all the cookies used, click here.


MARCO BICEGO is committed to the security of your personal data.

For this reason, we consider it essential that our procedures should comply with, and be adapted on an ongoing basis to, the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 and the provisions of prevailing personal data protection rules. This is how we combat the unauthorised disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of personal information and data which we hold, thus ensuring that all operations involving the processing of your personal data are safeguarded and correctly implemented on an ongoing basis.


Data provided to MARCO BICEGO are processed only for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes. MARCO BICEGO will process your personal data using primarily electronic and non-electronic means, it will make them accessible to its employees and non-company collaborators - specifically Data Processing Operators (i.e. the persons authorised to actually process the data) - and the personal data may be disclosed to those who provide commercial services for us (e.g. data entry, companies that provide IT services including hosting services), whom we duly appoint as Data Processers.

Your personal data is kept only for the length of time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, or for any other associated lawful purpose.


Please note that in relation to the data processed, you are entitled right at any time to exercise the rights and entitlements recognised by EU Regulation 2016/679 and, in particular (inter alia) to obtain from MARCO BICEGO (as Data Controller) confirmation that your personal data is being processed or otherwise, to gain access to your personal data, to have them corrected and erased, to request their portability and thus permit their transmission to another Data Controller, to have the data processing restricted, to object to the data processing and also to submit a complaint to the competent authorities.

Marco Bicego S.p.A. is in any case entitled, where necessary, to move the location of the servers to other non-EU countries. In this case, Marco Bicego S.p.A. shall ensure that any data transfer to non-EU countries complies with applicable legal provisions, and that it will enter into any agreements necessary in order to guarantee suitable safeguards and/or adopt the European Commission-recommended standard contractual clauses.

In order to view the updated list of Data Processors, to exercise rights under applicable personal data protection rules, and for any question or comment in relation to this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at