Marco Bicego's Unico collection is made of jewels which aspire
«to the imperfect perfection of nature. There is no wave, petal or shape which is always the same. Just like our jewels: from rings to chains, they are all different. Irregular».
Unique shapes, indeed.

The charm of perfection

The jewels of Marco Bicego’s Unico collection are made of yellow gold, rigorously 18 carat, and natural gemstones precisely cut: rose cut, cushion or uneven. No selected stone is equal to another and each one has its particularity which distinguishes it from the others. Once worn, they create unique and unrepeatable suggestions.

Precious stones like works of art

Aquamarines, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires with such organic forms are masterly designed by hand. Intense like the lights at dawn, delicate like a powder and delicious like a sorbet. These are the natural gems of Marco Bicego’s Unico pieces. The shades of colors have delicate tones which balance with the sjhape of the mountings of 18 carat gold, giving an eternal allure to each artistic work of art.

It begins with the observation of the stone which is better if directed towards the North light in order to capture every shade,and give the right interpretation. Finally, there is an alternation of polishing and engravings which results in the perfect mounting.

Never equal, always unique

The high craftsmanship value

The numerous works which give life to Marco Bicego’s Unico collection are authentic and follow the art methods.