MARCO BICEGO’S jewels are entirely handmade by Italian goldsmith masters using 18 carat gold and gemstones chosen for their beauty and rarity. In order to prevent their beauty, MARCO BICEGO recommends following some general conditions of use: check the integrity of the jewels before wearing them, especially the locking systems.

It is preferable not to wear the MARCO BICEGO jewels when washing your hands (the soap residues could blacken them), when doing the housework (detergents, corrosive products and impacts could damage the gems and the jewel itself), when doing sporting activities (salted water or chlorine water, sweat and impacts could damage the gems and the jewel itself).

We recommend avoiding the exposure to intense heat and sudden temperature variations which could permanently damage the gemstones. Avoid wearing the MARCO BICEGO jewels when applying perfume, lacquers and make up as the chemical composition of these elements could damage the gemstones.


Preserve the MARCO BICEGO jewels by placing them individually in the original casing or in a suitable protected container (otherwise they could get scratched when in contact with another) and far from dampness and sources of heat. We always advise locking the bracelets and necklaces in order to avoid knots.


We recommend cleaning the jewels periodically in a professional way. We suggest entrusting the MARCO BICEGO jewels to your jeweler of trust.


Clean the jewel in gold with tepid water and a brush with soft bristles, thus dry by dabbing (not wiping) with a soft undamaged cloth.


Although the diamond has high hardness, it is still a delicate stone and can break in cases of impacts. The diamond can easily scratch gold or stones if they come into contact, therefore it is advisable to place each jewel in its own casing or in travel pouches. Clean the diamond with tepid water and a brush with soft bristles, thus dry by dabbing (not wiping) with a soft, undamaged cloth.


The pearl is an organic material and can lose its brilliance if it is placed in contact with oil, perfume, detergents etc. Being made of natural fragile material, it can be easily scratched and damaged by chemical substances. For these reasons, the pearls must be delicately cleaned by using a soft wet cloth.


The colored gemstones are fragile and don’t have the hardness of diamond. Therefore the jewels must be worn carefully by avoiding impacts against hard surfaces or other objects. Since colored gemstones are natural gemstones, they can have variations in the inclusions or in color. Furthermore, they can lose their brilliance if placed in contact with oil, perfumes, detergents and other chemical substances. In addition, avoid exposing the jewels to changes in temperature or to intense sources of heat. For these reasons, they must be gently cleaned by using a soft brush and tepid water; dry by dabbing (not wiping) with an undamaged soft cloth.