18kt yellow gold long necklace with small oval elements, aquamarines, and diamonds

A light and elegant 18kt yellow gold long necklace: a succession of small oval elements with an irregular surface, finely hand-engraved using the ancient Florentine technique, alternated with carefully selected milky aquamarines. Perfect even when doubled, it exudes a certain "je ne sais quoi" that speaks of lightness, energy, and joy of living.



Yellow gold

Milky Aquamarine 12x9 mm
Length: 92 cm



The Seville collection is a tribute to Andalusian culture and is inspired by the nuances and traditions of this magical city. Thin yellow golden gold chains interspersed with small baroque opposite, engraved by hand and sometimes embellished with diamond pavé. Overall, the design is essential and delicate, but it is made special by the irregular and deliberately imperfect forms of the opprophies and by the velvety reflections of hand engraved yellow gold, which returns an infinite modulation of lights and tones.



The Millerighe burin allows to obtain the visual and tactile effect of the silk on the metal surface, creating small lines arranged in the same verse that return a satisfying and material sensation to the touch: a charm to be observed in the smallest details of the chiaroscuro passages.
The hand execution of the bully engraving attests to the great experience that derives from the artisan heritage of the Vicenza goldsmith tradition in which the brand Marco Bicego has its roots, and translates into the creation of unique, unrepeatable and absolutely perfect jewels in their studied imperfection.