Multi-strand gold necklace with diamonds

Three spiraling, flat strands, created by the exclusive craftsmanship of the coil, intertwined with the extraordinary brilliance of this 18kt yellow gold necklace and featuring seven brilliant-cut diamonds for an even more precious touch of sparkle. A timeless classic.



Length: 41 cm
Yellow gold
Diamonds total carat weight: 0,21



Streamlined, contemporary features define the GOA collection, which draws inspiration from the beauty of the white beaches facing the Indian Ocean. The collection is an expression of the core values that have made the brand world famous: timeless design and meticulous attention to detail. The beauty of 18-carat gold combined with precious diamonds, varying in value, creates modern, bold jewelry boasting distinctive style, handcrafted using the exclusive coil technique – a hallmark of the brand.



An extremely fine 18-carat gold strand is wound in a spiral around a core – that is likewise made of gold – before being shaped by the expert hands of craftsmen, who give it its soft and sinuous form.

The silhouette of these golden ribbons evokes the dunes of the African desert, gently shaped by the wind to reflect the sunlight in a dazzling manner. The spiral is lightweight yet robust, delicate yet versatile, reproducible yet simultaneously unique.