Transformable chandelier earrings

The perfect earrings to embellish the most elegant looks and more: thanks to a simple mechanism, they can be transformed from a sophisticated chandelier into a stud earring, perfect for everyday wear. Elegant flowers in 18kt yellow gold, finely hand-engraved using the ancient Florentine technique, are embellished with brilliant-cut diamond bezels.



Length: 4,5 cm
Yellow gold
Diamonds total carat weight: 0,32



The PETALI collection is an ode to spring, a tale of a garden strewn with golden flowers as if blown by the wind, lending the jewelry a romantic, innocent feel. The petals, made from delicate yellow gold leaves finely hand-engraved using the ancient Florentine “millerighe” burin technique, are enclosed by a contrasting polished gold strands to create satin-finish flower buds that open up to reveal a gold or diamond heart.



The “millerighe” burin is an engraving tool in use since the Renaissance. It creates both a visual and tactile finish on metal surfaces, with tiny grooves following the same direction that result in a satisfying, silky sensation to the touch. The exquisite, minute shifts of chiaroscuro are also an enchanting sight to behold.

Handcrafted burin engraving is a testimony to the longstanding tradition and artisanal heritage of goldsmithing in Vicenza, where the brand Marco Bicego still has its roots. It results in the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry that is flawless with its carefully-considered imperfections.