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1. Content, geographical applicability and warranty period

This International Warranty is issued by Marco Bicego S.p.A., company with a sole shareholder, with its registered office in via dell' Industria no. 33, 36070 Trissino (VI), Italy and applies to jewellery bearing the "Marco Bicego" trademark which is presented for repair under warranty in any country.

This jewellery has been handcrafted in Italy following the traditional techniques of the ancient goldsmiths and is warranted against any manufacturing defect for 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of purchase shown in this Certificate of Authenticity and/or International Warranty (Warranty Period) according to the terms listed below. After any defect has been confirmed by our after-sales service team, any component which has been returned during the Warranty Period will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at Marco Bicego S.p.A.'s discretion. After the Warranty Period has elapsed, any service or repair will be carried out at your expense.

2. How to benefit from the warranty

To benefit from the International Warranty, you must present the Certificate of Authenticity and the International Warranty attached to the jewellery to a Marco Bicego boutique or an authorised Marco Bicego retailer. This certificate must be duly completed, dated, stamped and signed by a Marco Bicego boutique or an authorised Marco Bicego retailer. Carefully preserve the Certificate of Authenticity and International Warranty. The customer bears transport costs such as postage, insurance and packaging. We recommend a certified delivery service and insurance for each shipment to our centre.

Only Marco Bicego boutiques and authorised Marco Bicego retailers can provide the service included in this Marco Bicego International Warranty. For further information and a complete list of Marco Bicego boutiques and authorised Marco Bicego retailers, please consult the website, or contact the Marco Bicego boutique or the authorised Marco Bicego retailer, shown on the Certificate of Authenticity and International Warranty or the sales documentation.

3. Exclusions

The following defects or damages are expressly excluded from this International Warranty:

・defects or damages resulting from misuse or neglect or accidents;

・defects or damages arising from improper use (such as impacts, knocks, crushes), tampering, manipulation, disassembly, unauthorised modifications or repairs, and maintenance services, work and repairs which have not been carried out by Marco Bicego boutiques or authorised Marco Bicego retailers, or caused by the use of components and/or accessories for purposes other than those recommended by Marco Bicego;

・jewellery, where the VI-2616 identification mark imprinted by Marco Bicego, has been removed or is unclear;

・routine cleaning, maintenance and any consequences of normal wear and tear and natural jewellery ageing.

4. Miscellanea

This jewellery complies with the (EC) 1907/2006 Reach Regulation and the UNI EN 1811:2011 technical standard regarding Nickel levels. This International Warranty is without prejudice to any legal warranties or other rights you are entitled under applicable national laws. These warranties and rights may vary by country, state, province or region.

No retailer, agent or employee of Marco Bicego is authorised to make any modifications, extensions or additions to this International Warranty.

This International Warranty is governed by and interpreted according to the national laws where the Marco Bicego jewellery purchase took place.